If Only I’d been going 40 …

MARGARET FERGUSSON has captured the regret we all feel at one time or another, especially in a circumstance like the one she narrates in her poem, which she agreed to let me publish.

If Only I’d been going 40…

Behold the path
as far as the human eye can see

Smooth…uncluttered, even undulating
into the distance…heat waves…blue skies

Traveling at the speed of mind,
unreachable destination

As galaxies continue to gather
in our scope all the while expanding

A kind heart cannot always
solve the riddle of why…

Tho’ no excuses for unkindness
can be added to mankind’s matrix

Where outcomes form flowers of
multicolored blessings…

Only carrion will be left in the road…
if only I’d been going 40.