Two Poems: March in Maine

March Weather

Who is it walking up the road,
the squall so intense I cannot see
for sure who pushes through the snow.

It must be our confused guest––
March Weather, who returns for the scarf
he left behind, then leaves and returns

again for his overshoes. Unable to tell
what he’ll need next, we leave the door
unlocked for his double mind.

March, You’ve Arrived

dragging behind you purple and green
bands of snow and sleet, then fog and rain
confounding pundits of all things weather.

A drop in temperature and barometer
succeeded by a yardful of robins in snow,
your energy the antidote we need for cabin fever.

We welcome your challenge to change,
to turn in place and face another direction.

2 thoughts on “Two Poems: March in Maine

  1. Love this!!…Changing changing changing here… on so many levels… breathless! much love and gratitude for your willingness to BE you… for the gifts you so generously share… you brighten the dark rainy day here in CO…


    1. Once again, so good to hear from you, who have thus brightened the dark snowy day here in Maine. I expect we’ll have your rain in a few days. It’s one way to visit … sort of.


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