May I Have This Dance?

Refuse the path of least resistance

and try another way, that of a child

learning to dance, balanced on the toes

of her father’s Florsheims. What it is

about the dancing father that gives

the lie to sternest judge is the quiet

joy on the face of the daughter who

trusts his sure step around the floor.

3 thoughts on “May I Have This Dance?

  1. The lyrics to Dreamers Blues (written/composed/performed by Steve) are comparable, in some ways…”Maybe the path of the least resistance/ Is the one I should I should choose/ I’m never content/ Being contented/ Tell me, are you?/ You smile and I want to die/ for fear I might take it away/ And you lift me up/ When I deserve to fall/ Go ahead and let me fall/ Let me fall, let me fall/ I’ve got nowhere to go but up…”


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