Swedenborg’s Rules of Life

Emanuel Swedenborg was born Emanuel Swedberg on 29 January 1688, and died 29 March 1772. He was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, and mystic. He is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758).

Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1741, at age 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of 6 April 1744. This culminated in a ‘spiritual awakening,’ after which he wrote books about what he had seen and heard.
(This information condensed from Wikipedia.)

Swedenborg’s Rules of Life are:

1. Often to read and meditate on the Word of God.
2. To submit everything to the will of Divine Providence.
3. To observe in everything a propriety of behavior, and to keep the conscience clear.
4. To discharge with fidelity the function of my employments, and to make myself in all things useful to society.

These nearly 250 years later, those simple rules still sound true and worthy of observance.

One thought on “Swedenborg’s Rules of Life

  1. Judy, I always knew you loved Swedenborg, I always felt you loved me; was it because we shared the same birthday? Am loving your posts. LOVED the Mary Oliver poem…no I had not known that one. That you are thinking of me makes me happy, that you are finding me in poetry is an honor. Thank you for everything. As we pray for our grandsons, and each other’s grandsons, there is a peace that is deeper than what may be visible to the eye but not the heart. Love,Mary

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