Be of Good Cheer

“…the Being of Light gently explained to me that I was barking up all the wrong trees [trying to reproduce a spiritual experience she had had]. I would not find my way back by fasting … by meditating, following endless lists of rules, or even dying. All those things might help, given the right conditions, but not unless I was willing to do something much more difficult. … the way back to my real environment, the place my soul was meant to exist, doesn’t lie through any set of codes I will ever find outside of myself. I have to look inward. I have to jettison every sorrow, every terror, every misconception, every lie that stands between my conscious mind and what I know in my heart to be true. Instead of clutching around me all the trappings of a ‘good’ person, a ‘successful’ person, or even a ‘righteous’ person, I have to be exactly what I am, and take the horrible chance that I might be rejected for it. I can’t get home by cloaking myself in the armor of any system, social, political, or religious. I have to strip off all that armor and go on naked.” From Expecting Adam, by Martha Beck

“…Quakers did not retreat to the self-righteousness or otherworldliness of a persecuted sect. Under all circumstances they maintained a spirit of ‘friendliness,’ and eagerness for dialogue, an openness to the promptings of the spirit and a respect for ‘that of God’ in each person.” From All Saints, by Robert Ellsberg, on George Fox, seventeenth-century dissenter and founder of the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as Quakers

                 UnknownGeorge Fox

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